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Life a life with purpose by identifying and pursuing the things that matters most to you.

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*** WARNING ***

This program is for you if you answer NO to any of the following statements:

1. You are happy with where your life is going, 

2. You have something meaningful to look forward to in your life,

3. You take an active role, not a re-active role in your life, 

4. You do not live a life of ignorance and circumstance,

5. You know what next big thing in your life is and how to get there,

6. You are not at a crossroad,

7. You have direction, meaning and hope in your life.

8. You are proud of your L E G A C Y.


Imagine this...

Do you know the feeling you get just as you wake up in the morning. You come out of the darkness. Your senses awaken. You start to orientate yourself. You start to make sense of your reality. You start to think and assess, putting the pieces together. Where are you? And slowly, like a computer that boots up, you start to construct your reality. You start to comprehend.

In those first waking moments, what do you reflect on? Which emotion best describe your wake-up? How does it make you feel? Is there hope? Is there meaning? Is there direction? Is there a future to look forward to? What’s the next big thing? Where are you going? What is that reality?

Maybe you are at a crossroads. Maybe something has changed or must change. Maybe you are not happy with where you are going or maybe you want to get there faster. Maybe you need a new challenge. But what? 

What must you do? Where to next? How must you do it? Who can help? 

Whatever your circumstances, you know change is inevitable and you have to do something about it!

Great. But, don’t just think it – do it before it is too late!


 It's about PURPOSE

How would you answer these questions?

I have met very few people that plan their life or that pursue meaningful goals. Most people do short term planning e.g. planning for a holiday, a party, renovations at home and work related tasks and projects but it never occurs to them to plan their life! Most people will also tell you that they know what they want in their mind.People live reactive lives of ignorance and circumstance that they will regret at the end of their time on earth. 

Generally this is ineffective and many end up discouraged and disillusioned, wondering what  went wrong in their life. Completely oblivious to the fact that you can design the life you want.

So if this is so important, why don't people plan? See why...


What is a Strategic Life Plan?

Strategic life planning is like a business plan for your life.

 It is a guided process by which an individual takes stock of his or her life, clarifies goals and challenges, identifies the steps needed to move forward and connecting the mind with the goal.

Strategic Life Planning is often collaborative because life issues cross more than one discipline. As a result, you may need to work with more than one professional, including financial planners, attorneys, coaches, counselors and other professionals.

A strategic life plan  will help you make course   corrections in time so that you don't have to make painful forced corrections.

My Life Plan will not only provide soul-searching questions that are specific and personal to you, it will help you find the answers too. Refer to it whenever doubt or choice confronts you, and discover what success looks like to you.

This is done by clarifying your dreams and identify what’s important in your life, creating a plan and taking the relevant actions to reach your dreams by making use of the tried and tested  My Life Plan methods and techniques. 

So what are the Advantage of the My Life Plan personal strategic life plan?

 It is a guide that you will use to provide direction, meaning and purpose to live a life filled with hope and opportunity. It will help you to fulfill your purpose, see your vision come to fruition and accomplish your life goals. It is a dynamic and personal document and one that should be reviewed regularly. 

and the benefits... 

But are you ready to face up to your reality?

Stay away if ...


Click here to see what the My Life Plan strategic life planning process entails.

It is my personal satisfaction guarantee that causes this program to be so 

incredibly popular among most people in your situation.

You will love the life changing My Life Plan program. 

Go on, give yourself permission to Dream, Plan and DO!

Contact me to design a program that can be adapted to your needs. Popular formats include Power Hour talk, half day, 1 day or 2 day seminar, nature retreat(advance).


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